The heart of Minahasa is highlands with beautiful nature. Three main town on highlands are Tomohon, the city of flowers; Tondano, the town by the big lake; and Kawangkoan, the peanut city. In these places there are many places of interest to visit. We provide a full-day Tour to Minahasa highland to experience the lavishness of Minahasan culture and diversity.

Explore the beauty of Minahasa highlands with its fertile soil, a natural habitat for various gorgeous flowers and fragrant spices. The MInahasan is the largest sub-tribe of North Sulawesi with a long historical background and assimilation between the native tribes and early settlers from northern Asia, thus making their civilization and culture exotic and interesting. Minahasa highland tour commences from visiting a crater and traditional market, followed by lunch. A coffee break at the three colored lake or Bukit Doa (The Valley of Prayers) and followed by a visit to the icon of Manado, The giant Jesus blessing statue. There are still plenty of places to visit in this beautiful island of spices. 

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